Public Housing: Where Revolutionaries Live

Here is a short twitter stream from a Danish Maoist. She mourns the lack of Danish Maoists and hopes to recruit Muslims in the public housing projects,. (Social housing for Brits.) She denounces the Danish bourgeoise for privatizing public housing as a way to defuse revolutionary potential.

Public housing has long been a stronghold of the left, here, too, allowing the left to dominate local politics by stuffing meetings with people from the projects.


Norah Thogersen @rsokbh:

(a) If you haven’t heard, the Danish bourgeoisie is increasingly applying modern fascist policies in immigrant-dominated proletarian areas. This is mainly for three reasons.

(b) The first reason is political. By increasing police presence, forcibly destroying communities, forcing people from their homes, and increasing prison sentences, the Danish bourgeoisie seeks to prevent urban uprisings such as in the French banlieues and in US Black cities.

(c) The second reason is economic. By institutionalizing urban removal, the bourgeoisie can stimulate the housing market which was destroyed in 2008. This happens through gentrification. The new laws will demolish or privatize 60% of family homes in proletarian areas.

(d) The third reason is economic. By keeping the boot on immigrants, they can be kept as a super-exploited national minority, who are forced into underpaid illegal/unskilled labor due to repressive measures such as removing citizenship or welfare rights.

(e) It is clear that the Danish bourgeoisie knows that a new capitalist crisis is right around the corner, so they seek to stabilize and prepare economically and politically before it hits. The bourgeoisie is very organized and strategic. The proletariat isn’t right now.

(f) The proletariat in Denmark must reconstitute the DKP and build prolearian mass organizations and partisan units. The principal site of struggle in Denmark is shifting to these proletarian suburbs. This is where we must go among the masses and conquer the new power.

(g) This is why Danish communists are struggling to build organizations which can popularize MLM and people’s war. If we can bring MLM and socialist politics to the deepest masses, we will be able to recruit for mass work, and develop the masses into revolutionaries.