Intelligence is Thought Crime: Silence and Purge All Dissent


“‘Eugenics Conference’ Probed”, in Science, January 19, 2018. p. 256.

University College London (UCL) has opened an inquiry into a low-profile conference on the genetics of intelligence that included discussions of eugenics and was attended by some people who hold controversial views on race and intelligence. The London Conference on Intelligence has been held three times since 2014, according to a student newspaper that last week reported details of the small, invitation only event. UCL says it did not endorse the meeting and administrators were not notified about the speakers and content, a requirement before the conference rooms can be booked. James Thompson, an honorary lecturer in psychology at UCL, who hosted the conference, will not be allowed to organize conferences “of this nature” while the investigation is underway, and the university will examine how he received his lectureship. Thompson could not be reached for comment.


Note how Science magazine misrepresents the conference in the headline. In the same way that London more resembles North Korea (well, actually Cairo) than the London of our youth, Science magazine, deeply aligned with Clinton and Soros, is more comfortable with Juche Thought than intellectrual freedom. I’m thinking Juche Thought or something very similar probably dominates University College London as well.