Google’s Algorithm: Defeating Its Political Bias

Google searches are politically biased and that must end. The name of the Google Political-bias-implementation system is the “Algorithm”. Here is a simple fix:

Political bias on:


Algorithm: on (X) off (-)


Political bias off:


Algorithm: on (-) off (X)



The Darkgalaxies Code of Search Engine Neutrality:

An algorithm is defined as any system of weighting search terms, or other information about the search that can be used to determine relevance of a record that is a potential hit.

(1) Require an on-off toggle switch on all data search systems that deploy an Algorithm.

(1a) Require the toggle to be set to “off” in all educational settings.

(2) Require the publication the full Algorithm and its placement in the public domain 30 days before it is deployed.

(3) Require that if a corporate Algorithm is deployed by a search engine, it must allow the use personal or customized Algorithms.



Nice, readable intro to Relevance Engineering: Relevant Search: With applications for Solr and Elasticsearch:

Google spies on schoolkids and their families: Google Drive:

Google tried to steal the 2016 election, almost did:

Of course, there are other problems with Google. More later.