Local Mysterious Terrorism Story

Here is a summary of a news article from the Seattle Times about an actual terrorist who never quite seems to get arrested. Makes one wonder if there is more to the story. A few years ago, a Libyan who boasted he wanted to exterminate Gays tried to set fire to a crowded Seattle LGBT nightclub on New Years Eve. It was said there were 700 people in the nightclub that night. Despite a momentary flurry about hate crime, his case vanished from the news and he got a trivial sentence for a very lesser charge. Was he an in formant gone bad? Apparently these things happen.

And happen again.


[Summary] “Suspect Identified in Bomb Threats; State Buildings; Warrant Issued for Former Psychiatrist, Who Officials Says Is Not in United States Now”, in Seattle Times, November 1, 2018. pp. B1, B2.

The Washington State Patrol identified a [Iranian-American] former psychiatrist, Said Farzad, as being responsible for at least 18 bomb threats, including several buildings on the state Capitol campus in Olympia. The bomb threats are usually made on Wednesday.  Most recently, Farzad threatened the Washington Department of Health and the Washington Health Care Authority. Farzad has also made bomb threats against government offices in Idaho.

Farzad lost his license in 2014 after he made repeated bomb threats and threats to kill employees against a Molina Health Care center in Bothell, Washington, apparently after a dispute about a prescription he wrote that they rejected.

In May 2018, Farzad was forced to leave a Pierce County house from which he had been evicted. He threatened to shoot the police. Somehow, Farzad was released and in June 2018 supposedly  fled the country.

Now the bomb threats are being made in telephone calls from countries around the world [including Thailand]. Agencies investigating the bomb threats include the FBI, Idaho authorities, the police in Tacoma, Port Orchard, Tumwater and Olympia. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Patrick Cooper wrote that Farzad had a long history of threatening to bomb and murder people.


Somehow it never seemed to matter.