How AI Will Impact Australian Labor Market

A major new study by Frost & Sullivan forecasts that one of the main industries, and most new jobs, in Australia in 2035 will be censoring Alex Jones mirror sites


How AI Will Impact Australian Labor Market, And How Many Jobs Will Die Because Of It; Frost & Sullivan Predicts That 40% Of High-Routine And Low-Skilled Tasks In Australia Will Be Automated By 2025-2030. Tech Republic Australia, November 2, 2018.

The release also pointed out four areas of growth opportunities for AI … The number four spot—job creation— will be supported by new roles including online chaperones, RC vehicle operators, and social media bullying experts, the release said.

So, if: “social media bullying experts” means “censors”
and “online chaperones” means “censors”
does “RC vehicle operators” mean people operating drones trying to kill the “bullies” and people ignoring the chaperones?
Can the economy of a whole continent revolve around identifying and executing dissidents?
(I hope that report was not too expensive. It seems like whatever it cost, it was probably too much.)