Soros Backed Candidates in 2018

Here is the summary of an ever changing document that lists about 300 of the candidates (all Democats except Bernie Sanders, who is an old Soros-man) that were backed somehow by Soros’, Political Action Action, and Political Action Independent Expenditure Committee. This suggests, but provides no details on, actual cash contributons to the candidates. Certainly all received promotion and other kinds of support. (Notoriously, politicians are easier to rent than buy.)

Now, it is important to realize that this is not the whole story. This list is just federal senators and representatives, with just a few state level candidates, like Gillum in Florida (who lost) or Ford (who won the Nevada Attorney General race). I can only presume such state level races were seen as especially strategic. However, Soros does have special purpose candidate support units, like the one that backs candidates in scores of prosecutor posts, or Planned Parenthood, whch back approximately 10,000 candidates at every level in both 2016 and 2018 through scores of PACs. In 2016, Soros reportedly gave Planned Parenthood $77 million for its election activities. (The three principle Democratic Party networks are Soros’ Foundations, Planned Parenthood, and the National Education Association.)

So here is the text of the document post election. The source documents is still up and includes a lot more information on the candidates on linked pages.

==========; Political Action Action; Political Action Independent Expenditure Committee: Our Candidates. [, Political Action Action, Political Action Independent Expenditure Committee, N.D. [November 10, 2018].


Resist and Win: *MoveOn’s ‘Resist and Win’ campaign is focused on ending GOP control of the House and electing progressive candidates at the state and local level, as well as supporting candidates in key gubernatorial and Senate races. The power we build together in 2018 will carry forward beyond Election Day. Once these candidates are in office, millions of MoveOn members will continue to hold them accountable to a progressive vision that works for all Americans. Our vision is of a country and world with a place of honor and dignity for everyone whether white, Black, or brown, Native or 5th generation or newcomer –” one where we take care of each other, where everyone is set up to thrive. We envision a world marked by equality, sustainability, true justice, and love.


Primary Won! Stacey Abrams Governor, Georgia
Denise D. Adams (DD) is a native of Winston-Salem and a passionate ser… Every Georgian deserves the freedom and opportunity to thrive, but too… DD Adams U.S. Congress North Carolina 5th District
Won Election! Colin is a civil rights attorney and Dallas native. Colin Allred U.S. Congress Texas 32nd District
Won Election! Cindy Axne is an 5th generation Iowan, a small business owner, parent… Cindy Axne U.S. Congress Iowa 3rd District
An attorney and foreign policy expert, Lauren served as an official in… Lauren Baer U.S. Congress Florida 18th District
Won Election! Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin led on numerous progressive issues in the U… Tammy Baldwin U.S. Senate Wisconsin
Primary Won! Shaped by her early childhood experiences, watching her parents advoca… Dana Balter U.S. Congress New York 24th District
Won Election! Mandela is a former state representative in Wisconsin who grew up in t… Mandela Barnes Lt. Governor, Wisconsin
Won Election! Diana is a dedicated community activist committed to improving Contra… Diana Becton Contra Costa County District Attorney, California
Adrienne wants to be to be a voice for the people ignored in our curre… Adrienne Bell U.S. Congress Texas 14th District
Won Election! Everton is a champion of education and may be the first person of colo… Everton Blair Gwinnett County Board of Education District 4, Georgia
Won Election! Kyra is running on a platform to eliminate discriminatory practices by… Kyra Bolden Michigan State House, District 35
Carolyn has spent her life working to create public services and polic… Carolyn Bourdeaux U.S. Congress Georgia 7th District
Paul is ready to fight for progressive values in Ohio. Paul Bradley Ohio State Senate District 5
Brandon Pendarvis Brown is a proven leader in government relations who… Brandon P. Brown U.S. Congress South Carolina 4th District
Won Election! Sherrod Brown of Ohio is a true champion for working people everywhere… Sherrod Brown U.S. Senate Ohio
As chancellor of Washington State University Spokane, Lisa Brown led t… Lisa Brown U.S. Congress Washington 5th District Randy was raised in southeastern Wisconsin and went to public schools
Randy Bryce U.S. Congress Wisconsin 1st District
Primary Won! Lorie is a long-time resident of Collin County who attended Shepton Hi… Lorie Burch U.S. Congress Texas 3rd District
Diane is a former two-term Routt County commissioner and former three-… Diane Mitsch Bush U.S. Congress Colorado 3rd District
The son of a Mexican American mother and a Middle Eastern immigrant fa… Ammar Campa Najjar U.S. Congress California 50th District
Won Election! Park Cannon proudly identifies as a queer Black woman. Park Cannon Georgia State House District 58
Won Election! Andres Cano is a bold leader who will stand up for working families a… Andres Cano Arizona State House District 3
Won Election! Yadira is promoting progressive values for a new Colorado. Yadira Caraveo Colorado State House District 31
Won Election Congressman Matt Cartwright began serving the people of northeastern P… Matt Cartwright U.S. Congress Pennsylvania 8th District
Marggie is a community activist and immigrant who wants to bring new i… Marggie Castellano California State Senate District 36
Won Election! Sean has an undergraduate degree in molecular biology and biochemistry… Sean Casten U.S. Congress Illinois 6th District
Joanna is a daughter of immigrants. Joanna Cattanach Texas State House District 108 Chris is a dedicated community activist.
Chris Chyung Indiana State House District 15
Primary Won! Socorro is a lifelong union activist who has been working to improve w… Socorro Cisneros California Assembly District 33
Won Election! Jasmine believes that access to affordable health care is a right. Jasmine Clark Georgia State House District 108
Tedra Cobb was born the younger of two children to Ted (a public schoo… Tedra Cobb U.S. Congress New York 21st District
Leslie’s distinguished career in journalism spanned thirty-five years…. Leslie Cockburn U.S. Congress Virginia 5th District
Leslie is a mom to two transgender adult children and became an outspo… Leslie Cohen North Carolina State House District 20
Linda grew up in eastern North Carolina. From that experience, she lea… Linda Coleman U.S. Congress North Carolina 2nd District
January Contreras has a long history of standing up for all Arizonans…. January Contreras Attorney General, Arizona
TJ Cox is an engineer and small-business owner whose passion is commun… TJ Cox U.S. Congress California 21st District
Won Election! Angie grew up in a family with lots of love but also plenty of hardshi… Angie Craig U.S. Congress Minnesota 2nd District
Rachel is a millennial woman running for office for the first time. Rachel Crooks Ohio State House District 88
Won Election! Jason grew up in a working-class home with values that shaped his worl… Jason Crow U.S. Congress Colorado 6th District
Sara Dady is a community leader, mother and small business owner, who… Sara Dady U.S. Congress Illinois 16th District
Won Election! As the daughter of a single-mother Army veteran, Sharice knows the imp… Sharice Davids U.S. Congress Kansas 3rd District
Deidre is a trailblazer. Deidre DeJear Secretary of State, Iowa
Won Election! Born and raised in Schenectady, Antonio is a native of upstate New Yor… Antonio Delgado U.S. Congress New York 19th District
Audrey spent her childhood on her family’s farm and ranch in Central… Audrey Denney U.S. Congress California 1st District
Devyn’s roots are deep in Oklahoma, going all the way back to the Civi… Devyn Denton OK State House District 39
Won Election! Manka is a lifelong advocate for justice, women, and immigrant rights…. Manka Dhingra Washington State Senate District 45
As the granddaughter and daughter of Navy veterans, Gretchen Driskell… Gretchen Driskell U.S. Congress Michigan 7th District
Kara was born in the Midwest and raised by a single Mom. Kara Eastman U.S Congress Nebraska 2nd District
Won Election! Veronica Escobar is a lifelong El Pasoan who has dedicated her life to… Veronica Escobar U.S. Congress Texas 16th District
Primary Won! “Our campaign to take back Florida State House District 47 is more tha… Anna Eskamani Florida State House District 47
Won Election! Evetty is a champion of education. Evetty Satterfield Knox County School Board District 1, Tennessee
Dan was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and grew up in Red Wing as a const… Dan Feehan U.S. Congress Minnesota 1st District
Won Election! Lizzie was born in Hermann Hospital, the youngest of three sisters. Af… Lizzie Pannill Fletcher U.S. Congress Texas 7th District
Mary Barzee Flores was born in Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital. Mary Barzee Flores U.S. Congress Florida 25th District
Won Election! Aaron is a community leader, a former public school teacher, and a ded… Aaron Ford Nevada Attorney General
Felicia is dedicated to serving her community and country. Felicia French Arizona State House District 6
David is a progressive champion for education who will carry on the #R… David Garcia Governor, Arizona
Won Election! Chuy Garci­a has been fighting for progressive change in Chicago for d… Jesus “Chuy” Garci­a U.S. Congress Illinois 4th District
Janet Garrett is running for Congress in Ohio’s Fourth District, where… Janet Garrett U.S. Congress Ohio 4th District
Theresa grew up in Dayton’s South Park neighborhood, as the youngest… Theresa Gasper U.S. Congress Ohio 10th District
Won Election! Erika is ready to continue the fight for progressive values in Michiga… Erika Geiss Michigan State Senate, District 6
After graduating from Yale in 1984, Perry founded one of New York’s… Perry Gershon U.S. Congress New York 1st District
Andrew became the youngest person in history to be elected to the Tall… Andrew Gillum Governor, Florida
Won Election! Jared was born and raised in Leeds, a small, rural town in Maine’s 2nd… Jared Golden U.S. Congress Maine 2nd District
Won Election! Julie is a fighter for justice and equality for all people. Julie Gonzales Colorado Senate District 34
Rep. Gonzalez is ready to continue the fight for progressive values in… Deborah Gonzalez Georgia State House District 117
Primary Won! Jenn is a dedicated community leader who has been striving for equalit… Jenn Goulet Washington State House District 9, Position 1
Primary Won! Sunday is a dedicated community activist committed to improving Califo… Sunday Gover California Assembly District 77
Won Election! Deb is a single mom who was raised in a military family. She was one o… Deb Haaland U.S. Congress New Mexico 1st District
One of Christine’s top priorities is addressing the high rate of rural… Christine Hallquist Governor, Vermont
Abdullah is a 28-year-old, Muslim, Arab-American legislator in Michiga… Abdullah Hammoud Michigan State House District 15
Won Election! Josh grew up in Turlock, went to public school, and worked his way thr… Josh Harder U.S. Congress California 10th District
Won Election! Lee is an inspiring champion for Tennessee’s working poor. Lee Harris Shelby County Mayor, Tennessee
Won Election! Jahana Hayes is a lifelong Connecticut resident and the recipient of t… Jahana Hayes U.S. Congress Connecticut 5th District
Won Election! Alma Hernandez is a strong advocate who fights for health care access… Alma Hernandez Arizona State House District 3
Won Election! Lina was raised by an immigrant family and is acutely aware of the sac… Lina Hidalgo Harris County Judge, Texas
Won Election! Katie Hill has spent her entire life growing up in neighborhoods in th… Katie Hill U.S. Congress California 25th District
Won Election! Mazie Hirono of Hawaii was a leader in the House Progressive Caucus fo… Mazie Hirono U.S. Senate Hawaii
Won Election! Steven Horsford is a proven champion for Nevada’s working families. Steven Horsford U.S. Congress Nevada 4th District
Dr. Kyle Horton is an internal medicine doctor with a business degree…. Kyle Horton U.S. Congress North Carolina 7th District
Won Election! Shelly founded a mental health and social services outreach and treatm… Shelly Hutchinson Georgia State House District 107
John has worked in various capacities to protect the community and cou… John Idleburg Lake County Sheriff, Illinois
Primary Won! Sara is the co-founder of She Runs SWPA, an organization that seeks to… Sara Innamorato Pennsylvania State House District 21
Tabitha was raised to believe there was no greater compliment than to… Tabitha Isner U.S. Congress Alabama 2nd District Andrew Janz is a deputy district attorney in Fresno County and has ded…
Andrew Janz U.S. Congress California 22nd District
Primary Won! Brandon’s people-powered campaign is channeling an inclusive vision th… Brandon Johnson Cook County Commissioner District 1
Born and raised on his grandparents farm in Sylvania, Francys learned… Francys Johnson U.S. Congress Georgia 12th District
Primary Won! Gina Ortiz Jones has dedicated her life to public service. As a vetera… Gina Ortiz Jones U.S. Congress Texas 23rd District
Primary Won! Fritz Kaegi has a fair and inclusive plan. He is campaigning to bring… Frederick ‘Fritz’ Kaegi Cook County Assessor, Illinois
Annisa Karim has lived in South Florida since her family immigrated wh… Annisa Karim Florida State House District 28 Josh is running with three priorities in his bid for attorney general….
Josh Kaul Attorney General, Wisconsin
Won Election! Farrah is committed to religious tolerance and community service. Farrah Khan Irvine City Council, California
Won Election! Andy’s parents chose to raise he and his sister in South Jersey beca… Andy Kim U.S Congress New Jersey 3rd District
Jess King is a working mom, small business champion, and a leader in l… Jess King U.S. Congress Pennsylvania 11th District
Won Election! Ann Kirkpatrick was born and raised in rural Arizona, moved to Tucson… Ann Kirkpatrick U.S. Congress Arizona 2nd District
A father, a husband, and a nonprofit and business leader, Dan Kohl is… Dan Kohl U.S. Congress Wisconsin 6th District
Won Election! Ben has worked on the forefront of technological innovation. Ben Ku Gwinnett County Commission District 2, Georgia
Won Election! Patty is a fighter who is working to make Washington safe for everyone… Patty Kuderer Washington State Legislative District 48
Sri Preston Kulkarni is a proven leader who has been serving his famil… Sri Preston Kulkarni U.S. Congress Texas 22nd District
Special Election Won! Conor Lamb shocked the nation with his upset victory in the March spec… Conor Lamb U.S. Congress Pennsylvania 17th District
Primary Won! Summer is an organizer, an activist, and an advocate for social justi… Summer Lee Pennsylvania State House District 34
Won Election! Susie Lee was born to a working class family in Canton, Ohio. She lear… Susie Lee U.S. Congress Nevada 3rd District
Won Election! Mike was raised in South Orange County. Mike Levin U.S. Congress California 49th District Betsy’s roots in Springfield go back generations, to when her immigr…
Betsy Dirksen Londrigan U.S. Congress Illinois 13th District
Carolyn Long grew up in a rural community on the coast. Carolyn’s mo… Carolyn Long U.S. Congress Washington 3rd District
Won Election! Elaine Luria served her country in uniform for 20 years with the philo… Elaine Luria U.S. Congress Virginia 2nd District
Won Election! In 2016, Johanna became the first Latina to win the Teacher of the Yea… Johanna Lopez Orange County School Board District 2, Florida
The daughter of immigrants from India, Anita was born in Kansas City,… Anita Malik U.S. Congress Arizona 6th District
Won Election! Tom was born in communist Poland at the height of the cold war, where… Tom Malinowski U.S. Congress New Jersey 7th District
Won Election! Kate is a community leader and a dedicated public servant. Kate Marshall Lt. Governor, Nevada
Primary Won! Chloe is a grassroots community organizer who co-runs Campaign Earth,… Chloe Maxmin Maine State House District 88
Deni fights for all people regardless of their circumstance and situat… DeniAntionette Mazingo California Assembly District 42
Won Election! Lucia ‘Lucy’ McBath is a mother, wife, businesswoman, and activist… Lucy McBath U.S. Congress Georgia 6th District
Cara McClure is an entrepreneur, activist, and community organizer who… Cara McClure Public Service Commission Place 1, Alabama
Primary Won! Beth was a public school teacher for 32 years before retiring to take… Beth Llewellyn McLaughlin Texas State House District 97
Jamie has a lifelong commitment to public service. After earning degre… Jamie McLeod-Skinner U.S. Congress Oregon 2nd District
Nathan McMurray is a husband, father, and community leader, uniquely q… Nate McMurray U.S. Congress New York 27th District
Frank McNeill was born January 19, 1956 in Pinehurst. As a lifelong re… Frank McNeill U.S. Congress North Carolina 8th District
Won Election! Terry is a Latina woman who has extensive experience in public service… Terry Meza Texas State House District 105
Won Election! Patti is a professor at Western Kentucky University, where she teaches… Patti Minter Kentucky State House District 20
Tracy has spent her life in Western and Southern Tier New York. Tracy Mitrano U.S. Congress New York 23rd District
Won Election! Debbie Mucarsel-Powell immigrated to the United States as a young girl… Debbie Mucarsel-Powell U.S. Congress Florida 26th District
Primary Won! Wade is a community advocate with a background in legal services for m… Wade Munday Tennessee State Senate District 25
Won Election! Chris Murphy of Connecticut was elected to the U.S. House in 2006 on a… Chris Murphy U.S. Senate Connecticut
Rick has been an international aid worker in some of the most vulnerab… Rick Neal U.S. Congress Ohio 15th District
Won Election! Joe is the son of refugees from Africa. Over 35 years ago, Joe’s par… Joe Neguse U.S. Congress Colorado 2nd District
Justin lives with his wife and kids in Austin, TX, and works as an att… Justin Nelson Attorney General, Texas
Danny O’Connor was born and raised in rural Ohio. His mother was a tea… Danny O’Connor U.S. Congress Ohio 12th District
Primary Won! A native of El Paso and a fourth-generation Texan, O’Rourke was elec… Beto O’Rourke U.S. Senate Texas
Won Election! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an educator, organizer, and working-class… Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez U.S. Congress New York 14th District
Primary Won! Richard Ojeda was raised in Logan County, West Virginia, and graduated… Richard Ojeda U.S. Congress West Virginia 3rd District
Won Election! State Representative Ilhan Omar is an experienced Twin Cities policy a… Ilhan Omar U.S. Congress Minnesota 5th District
Won Election! Born and raised in Manchester and a proud product of Manchester public… Chris Pappas U.S. Congress New Hampshire 1st District
Won Election! In 2016, Representative Park ran as a first-time candidate and unseate… Sam Park Georgia State House District 101
Primary Won! Deb is a health care advocate and faith leader. Deb Patterson Oregon State Senate District 10
Maria has a proven record of dedication to her community. Maria Peterson Lake County Board District 17, Illinois
Won Election! Jared is a transformational leader with a track record of success. Jared Polis Governor, Colorado
Won Election! As a consumer protection attorney, Katie Porter has spent nearly twent… Katie Porter U.S. Congress California 45th District
Kari is a community advocate who will push for fairer rates and more a… Kari Powell Public Service Commission Place 2, Alabama Won Election
Ayanna Pressley is an advocate, a policy-maker, an activist, and survi… Ayanna Pressley U.S. Congress Massachusetts 7th District
Aftab was born and raised in Southwest Ohio, the son of first-generati… Aftab Pureval U.S. Congress Ohio 1st District
Betsy Rader is a lifelong Ohioan, born in Coshocton. Betsy Rader U.S. Congress Ohio 14th District
Joe experienced personal tragedy in high school when his mother was sh… Joe Radinovich U.S. Congress Minnesota 8th District
Primary Won! Ana-Maria Ramos is committed to fighting for all Texans. As a daughter… Ana-Maria Ramos Texas State House District 102
Primary Won! Emily is a community activist and health care advocate. Emily Randall Washington State Senate District 26
Abdelnasser is a millennial and son of immigrants who is running on a… Abdelnasser Rashid Cook County Commissioner District 17, Illinois
Won Election! Josie is committed to fighting for higher wages, working toward lower… Josie Raymond Kentucky State House District 31
Won Election! Stephanie is a committed public servant who knows how to get things do… Stephanie Garcia Richard Commissioner of Public Lands, New Mexico
Rob supports progressive policies and transparency in his run for trea… Rob Richardson Ohio State Treasurer
Luz is an education advocate and public servant dedicated to ensuring… Luz Rivas California Assembly District 39
Won Election! Robert is ready to continue the fight for progressive values in Colora… Robert Rodriguez Colorado State Senate District 32
Won Election! Max is running for Congress in New York’s 11th Congressional Distric… Max Rose U.S. Congress New York 11th District
Won Election! Harley Rouda is a successful businessman, philanthropist, attorney, an… Harley Rouda U.S. Congress California 48th District
Jana Lynne Sanchez grew up in the Ellis County, Texas towns of Maypear… Jana Lynne Sanchez U.S. Congress Texas 6th District
Won Election! Bernie Sanders of Vermont has spent decades leading on progressive iss… Bernie Sanders U.S. Senate Vermont
Won Election! Tami Sawyer is a community advocate who’ll bring progressive change to… Tami Sawyer Shelby County District 7, Tennessee
Won Election! As a senior staff attorney at the Education Law Center of Pennsylvania… Mary Gay Scanlon U.S. Congress Pennsylvania 5th District
Jill is a mother, an attorney, a founder of a successful nonprofit tha… Jill Schiller U.S. Congress Ohio 2nd District Iowa
Values define J.D. Scholten. He’s played baseball in 7 countrie… J.D. Scholten U.S. Congress Iowa 4th District
Won Election! Kim is a pediatrician, a wife, and a mom with deep roots in the 8th Di… Kim Schrier U.S. Congress Washington 8th District
Alicia is a progressive activist running to bring real change to Savannah… Alicia Scott Georgia State House District 164
Primary Won! Kristin has been involved in the local grassroots fight against the Ma… Kristin Seale Pennsylvania State House District 168
Won Election Donna E. Shalala has spent her entire life fighting to improve the liv… Donna Shalala U.S. Congress Florida 27th District
Sean Shaw will stand up to Republicans in Florida. Sean Shaw Attorney General, Florida Won Election
As a Naval Academy graduate, a Navy helicopter pilot, and a federal pr… Mikie Sherrill U.S. Congress New Jersey 11th District
Liuba and her family have called Long Island home for five generations… Liuba Grechen Shirley U.S. Congress New York 2nd District
Mike was born in a union household. Mike Siegel U.S. Congress Texas 10th District
Primary Won! Joy is an activist and advocate fighting for everyone in California’s… Joy Silver California State Senate 28
Won Election! Elissa Silverman has focused her career on making the District of Colu… Elissa Silverman D.C. City Council
Won Election! Joshua Simmons has a history of public advocacy. Joshua Simmons Coral Springs City Commission Seat 4, Florida
Won Election! Growing up in Las Cruces, Xochitl Torres Small learned the New Mexico… Xochitl Torres Small U.S. Congress New Mexico 2nd District
Won Election! Representative Smith is ready to continue the fight for progressive va… Carlos Guillermo Smith Florida House District 49
With over 30 years of experience in foreign policy, former Ambassador… Nancy Soderberg U.S. Congress Florida 6th District
Won Election! Abigail grew up in Short Pump, in Henrico County. She attended J.R. Tu… Abigail Spanberger U.S. Congress Virginia 7th District
Since making Colorado her home, Stephany Rose has taken an active role… Stephany Rose Spaulding U.S. Congress Colorado 5th District
Won Election! Haley Stevens is the daughter of Jim and Maria. Haley Stevens U.S. Congress Michigan 11th District
Won Election! Tammy is a dedicated community activist committed to improving Colorado… Tammy Story Colorado State Senate 16
Parisima is a physician and a proud Iranian-American immigrant who mov… Parisima Taeb Florida State House District 78
Won Election! Helen Tai is a dedicated public servant fighting for all Pennsylvanian… Helen Tai Pennsylvania State House District 178
Raised in a difficult environment, James Thompson is no stranger to ad… James Thompson U.S. Congress Kansas 4th District
As an emergency room doctor, Hiral Tipirneni knows first hand the life… Hiral Tipirneni U.S. Congress Arizona 8th District
Brianna is a scientist looking to bring science to the state capitol. Brianna Titone Colorado State House District 27
Won Election! Rashida Tlaib is the mother of two boys and the oldest of 14 children…. Rashida Tlaib U.S. Congress Michigan 13th District
Won Election! As a nurse and an educator, Lauren knows first-hand the real-life impo… Lauren Underwood U.S. Congress Illinois 14th District
Cort VanOstran is an attorney, advocate, and educator . Cort VanOstran U.S. Congress Missouri 2nd District
Won Election! “I strongly believe we need a new generation in government, more diver… Ram Villivalam Illinois 8th State Senate District
Scott Wallace is running for Congress to be a voice for Pennsylvania f… Scott Wallace U.S. Congress Pennsylvania 1st District
Won Election! Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has proven that Democrats can succes… Elizabeth Warren U.S. Senate Massachusetts
Primary Won! Elizabeth is a proud progressive who will fight for those progressive… Elizabeth “Liz” Warren California Assembly District 76
Liz Watson is a product of Bloomington’s public schools. She is a fi… Liz Watson U.S. Congress Indiana 9th District
Josh Welle was born in Trenton and graduated from Wall High School in… Josh Welle U.S. Congress New Jersey 4th District
Won Election! Senator Jennifer Wexton has been serving the people of Northern Virgin… Jennifer Wexton U.S. Congress Virginia 10th District
Won Election! Having grown up in a military family, Susan moved frequently throughou… Susan Wild U.S. Congress Pennsylvania 7th District
Lavangelene (Vangie) Aereka Williams — a long-time resident of King… Vangie Williams U.S. Congress Virginia 1st District
Won Election! Claire is a champion for education and will fight for a quality educat… Claire Wilson Washington State Senate, District 30
Won Election! Faith has been fighting to protect Colorado’s air, water, and land, as… Faith Winter Colorado State Senate District 24
Aisha Yaqoob is a champion of immigrant rights. Aisha Yaqoob Georgia State House District 97
Won Election! Betty is a California native who has been working to make California b… Betty Yee State Controller, California


MoveOn’s Endorsement Process Hundreds of candidates have already applied for MoveOn’s endorsement for the 2018 election cycle. Are you interested in joining them? Running for U.S. Senate or U.S. House? Click here! Running for other State or Local office? Click here! Join the Movement. >A joint website of Civic Action and Political Action. Political Action and Civic Action are separate organizations. Civic Action is a 501(c)(4) organization which primarily focuses on nonpartisan education and advocacy on important national issues. Political Action is a federal political committee which primarily helps members elect candidates who reflect our values through a variety of activities aimed at influencing the outcome of the next election.


Paid Pol. Adv. prepared and paid for with regulated funds by Political Action Action or Political Action Independent Expenditure Committee (as appropriate), , 1442 Walnut St. #358, Berkeley, CA 94709 (street), PO BOX 96142, Washington, DC 20090 (mailing), (202) 495-0415, Tom Matzzie, Treasurer. Authorized or approved by Cara McClure (AL), Kari Powell (AL), January Contreras (AZ), Felica French (AZ), Alma Hernandez (AZ), Diana Becton for District Attorney 2018, FPPC # 1400551 (CA), Marggie Castellano for California State Senate 2018, FPPC # 1399445 (CA), Socorro Cisneros for Assembly 2018, FPPC #1400076 (CA), Sunday Gover for Assembly 2018, FPPC # 1397541 (CA), Committee to Elect Farrah N. Khan for Irvine City Council 2018, FPPC # 1379227 (CA), Friends of Deni for State Assembly 42, FPPC #1400905 (CA), Luz Rivas for Assembly 2018, FFPC ID # 1401105 (CA), Friends of Joy Silver for Senate 2018, FPPC # 1397133 (CA), Elizabeth Warren for Assembly 2018, FPPC # 1395294 (CA), Betty Yee for Controller 2018 (FPPC ID #1374814), Caraveo for Colorado (CO), Julie for Colorado (CO), Brianna for Colorado (CO), Rodriguez for Colorado (CO), Elissa 2018, PO Box 14585, Washington, DC 20044, Bob Price, Treasurer (DC), Chris Johnson for Attorney General (DE), Johanna López, Candidate for Orange County School Board, District 2 (FL), Sean Shaw, Democrat for Attorney General (FL), Joshua Simmons for Coral Springs City Commission, Seat 4 (FL), Carlos Guillermo Smith, Democrat for HD-49 (FL) The Committee to Elect Everton Blair (GA), Committee for Jasmine Clark For Georgia House (GA), Deborah Gonzalez for GA (GA), Ku for You (GA), Sam For Georgia, Inc. (GA), Alicia Scott Georgia Forward Campaign Committee (GA), Campaign to Elect Aisha (GA), Dejear for Iowa (IA), Friends of Ram (IL), Friends of John Idleburg (IL), Friends of Brandon Johnson (IL), Friends for Fritz (IL), Maria for Lake County (IL), Friends for Rashid (IL), Chris Chyung for Change (IN), Anna Eskamani (Democrat for FL House District 47), Patti Minter for KY (KY), Friends of Josie Raymond (KY), Chloe Maxmin for District 88 State Representative (ME), Kyra Harris Bolden Democrat for State Rep (MI), Friends of Erika Geiss (MI), Friends of Abdullah Hammoud (MI), the Keith Ellison for Attorney General committee (MN), Friends of Stephanie Garcia Richard (NM), Committee to Elect Aaron Ford (NV), Committee to Elect Kate Marshall (NV), Friends of Paul Bradley (OH), Rachel Crooks for Ohio (OH), Rob Richardson for Ohio Treasurer (OH), Friends of Denton 2018 (OK), Friends of Deb Patterson (OR), Friends of Sara Innamorato (PA), Friends of Summer Lee (PA), Committee to Elect Helen Tai (PA), Lee Harris for County Major, Rajiv Singh, Treasurer (TN), Friends of Wade Munday, Martha Shepard, Treasurer (TN), People for Tami Sawyer, Williams Brack, Treasurer (TN), Joanna Cattanach for Texas State Representative (TX), Lina Hidalgo for Harris County (TX), Beth Llewellyn McLaughlin Campaign (TX), Terry Meza (TX), Nelson for Texas (TX), Ramos for Texas (TX), Jenn for the 9th LD (D) – PO Box 3121, Pasco, WA 99302 (WA), Friends of Patty Kuderer (D) – PO Box 1545, Bellevue, WA 98009 (WA), Friends of Manka (D) – P.O Box 2467, Redmond, WA 98052 (WA), Emily Randall for Senate (D) – PO Box 1883, Port Orchard, WA 98366 (WA), Claire for Senate (D) – 31811 Pacific Hwy S, Ste B #288, Federal Way, WA 98003 (WA), Kaul for Attorney General (WI), and Mandela for Wisconsin (WI).

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