11 Routine Murders, 2 Heinous Hate Murders

The difference between these two murder stories is that the terroristic mass killings of Blacks by Blacks is considered unimportant, while the random killing of two Blacks by a White man, long ago diagnosed as mentally ill, is being considered a hate crime. No wonder Chicago has a higher murder rate than Kabul. (The juxtaposing of the two articles is telling.)

“23 Arrested in Gang Case Involving 11 Killings; Feds Used Social Media To Gather Evidence; Terrorized South Side Neighborhood in Chicago”, in Seattle Times, October 27,2018. p. A8. Includes portrait of Romeo ‘O-Dog’ Blackman.

Members of the Goonie Boss gang under purported leader 22 year old Romeo ‘O-Dog’ Blackman, operated in the Englewood, Chicago neighborhood, where they killed 11 people, and issued threats against witnesses and others in social media. Their goal was to promote their “fearsomeness” and terrorize their neighborhood. (Chicago police now have a unit that searches social media for clues to crimes, past and planned.) Although heavily involved in drug trafficking, the indictment ignores that to focus on their ultra-violence. Blackman was already in federal custody for 10 killings and six attempted murders. The Goonie Boss gang, which may be affiliated with the Gangster Disciples, has pursued a war wit the Push Squad and TLove gang. ironically, successful prosecutions of leaders has created a chaotic environment of small splinter groups attacking each other. >As these arrests were reported, to more gangster attacks took place: a shooting at a funeral in which six people were wounded, including aspiring rapper Marvel ‘FBG’ Wooski; and a retaliation attack that left 5 wounded. [None of the deaths of the 11 Blacks are being considered as hate crimes: the murders are routine. The race of the gang, O-Dog, FBG and the victims are never mentioned in the article: All are Black.]

This article is juxtaposed by the following article: “Kentucky Grocery Shooting Investigated As Hate crime; Black Woman and Black Man Killed; Gunman, a White Male, Is Charged With Murder”. [Jeffersontown] Gregory Bush, 51, with a history of diagnosed mental illness (he never took his meds), used a racial epithet in 2009 arguing with his Black ex-wife during a custody exchange. They had divorced in 2000. After the unexplained and apparently random killings at the grocery store yesterday, he was confronted by a White customer with a gun, but backed off saying “Whites don’t shoot whites”. This statement may make this into a very serious federal hate crime.