Gender Camouflage and Post-Gendering

Gender Camouflage is the use of one or more fake gender identities in order to escape the consequences of some misdeed or to appropriate the privileges that naturally arise from some gender identities.

One apparent example of Gender Camouflage is that of Charlie Landeros, the ANTIFA militia commander in Eugene, Oregon, who died on January 11, 2019 when he drew a gun and started shooting at police in the Cascade Middle School, in Eugene,, and was killed by police. As an apparent consequence of sexual harassment of leftist women (whose accusations were discounted because they are women), he claimed he had become an M2F trans Lesbian (again, apparently without any surgical intervention). He (They) had a (Lesbian) girlfriend even as he continued to sexually harass and reportedly even rape other leftist women (as a man?). It was the growing outrage of Leftist activist women he had victimized that apparently trigger the incident that would prove to be fatal. Although ANTIFA and its media accomplises are trying to make Landeros into a hero and a victim, he announced that he wanted to kill cops the morning of the incident and his anger and hatred primed him for violence that day. In the end, it would not only be the easy tolerance for ANTIFA violence that would lead this angry man to his death, it would be the privilege that accrued to him because of the trans Lesbian Gender Camouflage he had flaunted.

Similar to Gender Camouflage in content is Postgendering. Postgendering is the claim that some deceased person actually had a different gender identity than the one historically attested to. So, for example, in recent years Walt Whitman and Adolf Hitler have been falsely described as gay, Shakespeare is falsely claimed as trans, deceased pedophiles like Harvey Milk are often transformed into gays, etc. (There are many websites that post such lists, mainly bogus. of course, e.g.,