In Sri Lanka, Someone Did Something To Someone

Tonight, CBS News, as repeated by the local KIRO-TV station in Seattle reported that suicide bombers struck churches in Sri Lanka and many people were killed.

Now, in the Fake News, Muslims cannot be mentioned except in praise, and Christians cannot be mentioned except in expressions of contempt. Nevertheless, it was Muslim suicide bombers who killed at least 400 Christians. But no legitimate journalist will say it.

Seattle itself is the the scerne of endless Muslim rapes of White women in taxis and Uber/Lyft cars. Today a certain Ghassan Shakir has been reported as a serial rapist in Seattle and many other cities. No one dares report that there has been a long series of Muslim rapists of this type, usually Somalis, (there are other categories of rapists to be sure) and none of them are ever described as Muslims. And the women they rape are never described as Christians.

Of course, in a recent story in which a Mexican illegal alien raped three women by posing as an Uber driver, and then actually went to the home of one of them and threatened her, the fact he was an illegal alien was never mentioned. Similarly, a Mexican illegal alien who shot and killed a police officer in remote Klickitat County was never described by the news as an illegal alien, until the brother of the officer did so. Then local TV news anchored sneered that the undocumented are important to the economy.

Merciless Washington State offers no sanctuary for Americans.