Seattle Report: The Left Is Dead

A few days ago I was in a brand new suburb of Seattle. In a pleasant popup downtown area with wooded trails and restaurants, I was sitting in an outdoor dining area. I noticed a growing crowd of people. All obsessed with their smartphones.

A few days earlier, the local Fake News, KIRO-TV, covered a tiny demonstration in downtown Seattle. It was a Trotskyist (NOT ANTIFA) rally staged by ANSWER Coalition. The small group of well dressed mainly women were protesting he concentration camp they falsely claimed ICE is running in the city of Seattle. A woman with a megaphone was denouncing the torture of childen in the imaginery concentration camps. The protest had less than 20 people and some may have just been curious passerbys. It was also in a nice shady area on a hot days. With lavish media adulation.

So the crowd of people continued to grow. Maybe 200. No one talked to anyone else. They were all just looking at their smartphones. An associate joked it was probably Pokemon.

It was, a dazed participant noted to my inquiry, Pokemon. You find the Pokemon and cache them. You can teach them tricks, it seems.

Anyway the crowd suddenly moved with a start and streamed away in three directions, towards that next Pokemon that will bring them, each and all, true Nirvana. Or at lease a Pikachu that can do somersaults on your smartphone.

That Trostkyist rally against concentration camps drew no more than 20 people in the People’s Republic of Seattle. In a small suburb, Pokemon drawns in 200. easy. In all fairness I have to concede that Pokemon is more real than the phantasms conjured forth by left extremist ideologues. Even so, even in Seattle, the Left is finished.