Antifa Violence Glorified

Of course it is not enough that the television news, newspapers, and Democratic politicans honor and glorify Antifa street thugs and their violence, now it has spilled over into the Comic pages, long the scene of egregious racial diatribes against White people (e.g., the vicious Boon Docks).

A crudely drawn comic strip I never noticed in the Seattle Times called “Wumo”, by Mikeal Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler, now has a masked Antifa character with a sword, labeled “Millennial Zorro” who attacks people who, I suppose, are supposed to be Nazis, or at least people with Whiter skin (now considered to be the same thing). See Seattle Times, October 18, 2019, page B7.

One element of Wulff’s and Morganthaler’s fantasy is that Antifa are darker skinned POCs [people of Color] or AOCs [Anarchists of Color] from some COC [Community of Color] or maybe QTPOCs [Queer Trans People of Color (pronounced Cutie POC”(?)], as shown in the Zumo comic strip, when in fact most Antifa are White, including many White-Jews.