Coronavirus, the Census and Citizenship

I just did my census form online. I got the short form and it was quick and easy and disappointing, since it omits a citizenship question. This is important since illegal aliens, when counted, get representatives in the Congress.

However, the second part of the census has just been passed unanimously in the Senate and the House of Representatives, as a part of the CARES Act. No one seems to have realized it, though.

The very act of sending checks to taxpayers with social security numbers, but not to illegal aliens establishes the number of illegal aliens in each congressoonal district and even in each precinct. (census-count minus check-count = illegal-alien-count) The count of adults getting the checks is fuzzier since it includes citizens and nonimmigrants with Green Cards, but I think that the number of Green Card holders in every precinct can also be determined by USCIS. (check-count minus green-cards = citizen-count)

The census is mandated by Article 1, section 2 of the Constituton. But it does not specify that the census is a single document or a single collection of data or how the data is collected. Combining the online census data, the CARES Act check data and the Green Card data, gives precisely that count of citizens, legal nonimmigrants with Green Cards and illegal aliens, precinct by precinct. Using that data we can allocate Representatives to reflect the number of American citizens, not citizens plus nonimmigrants plus illegal aliens.

And Nancy Pelosi played a small role in delivering this data. Maybe she would even lose her seat.