Coronavirus: Cloud Cuckoo Land: Lincoln County, Oregon

Lincoln County, Oregon, has decreed that all Whites must wear masks for coronavirus, but Blacks should not wear them.

The reasoning is this: If everyone wears masks, that makes Blacks stand out and they will be racially profiled, but if only Whites wear masks, no one will be able to tell if Blacks are Black,

(Parenthetically, the only Liberal region in Oregon is Portland, but Liberal refugees spread across the state and run for local offices local people are not interesed in, and them impose Portland norms on it, recreating the society they fled from. Lincoln County is majority conservative, with elected leaders straight out of Cloud Cuckoo Land.)

The original documents on racial profiling are at the National Crminal Justice Research Service (NCJRS) website. Clinton gave a fat contract to study it to the Association of Black Chiefs of Police.  Those guys produced something like a high school term paper (C-) built around a single purported instance in New Jersey, and presto, as a political favor by Clinton, racial profiling was proven. It was always a myth.

(I think it was a kind of compensation for Hillary’s “suprepredator” campaign. We all pay for Hillary’s lust for power, but not everyone pays as much as Seth Rich did.)

Here is an article from Newsweek, an ancient discredited fake news. race-baiting rag, that supports the fake racism angle of the Lincoln County face mask rule:

At that Newsweek page is a bunch of links to their other uncredible fake news stories about mythical racism.