2020 Washington Election Mystery

There is an enduring mystery about the 2020 election in Washington state.

First, let me survey the ground truth. In the last two months, I traveled from the far northern Seattle Metro east (to Yellowstone and back through Spokane); north (Marysville, Bellingham); west (Port Townsend, Port Angeles, Poulsbo); and south to Oregon beaches (via Longview down and I-2015 up: any way but Portland). I have also wandered around eastern King County (Bellevue, Kirkland and Redmond) on various errands.
I have not been to Seattle (King County) in 6 months.

So, the point is this: despite the tyrant Gov. Inslee’s overwhelming primary victory (perhaps helped by the discarding of over 110,000 mail-in ballots, second highest in the nation), I have not seen a single pro-Inslee sign. Not one. His Rep challenger, Culp, I see his signs everywhere (well not so many in King County).

This is not a sign-y year. This year there are only a fraction of the normal signage, hundreds rather than thousands. (I don’t even have one. Well, I have one in my office.) There are lots of local election signs and state level signs (although I do not recognize most of the people), local clusters of House Rep candidate signs, but not one Biden sign and only a few Trump signs (I understand, who needs their house attacked?), but a fair number of Culp signs, and again not one Inslee sign. Even the local Clinton-sign die-hards: nothing.

I misspeak: In northern Marysville I saw a homemade sign that said: Anyone Except Inslee.

This election starts to feel like a cold war