Smartmatics, Dominion, Venezuela, Canada, UK, Lord This, Sir That, Soros, and Mitt Romney

Corrupted voting machines get passed around like a hot potato. 
Sequoia Voting Systems built easily corruptible machines, It went bankrupt and was bought by Smartmatics in 2005. They sold it (because their ties to Venezuela became an issue with CFIUS) to Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital for a while.

At some point Sequoia (sometimes called Smartmatic-US) went bankrupt again: different sources give different dates. (There are at least 20 Smartmatic subsidiares worldwide, they set one up for every country the stage elections in. There is little information on any of them.) So Mitt Romney then sold it to Dominion, a Canadian corporation based in the Toronto offices of Soros’ Tides Foundation (now renamed twice), just before the 2012 election. In 2014, Smartmatic-UK was acquired by the obscure SGO of London. (SGO is said to have acquired “Smartmatic” by some sources, and “Smartmatic-UK” but I think it was the purchase of the main Smartmatic company. Sometimes Smartmatic claims to be a London-based company, other times not. The whole thing is to create corporate firewalls a sympathetic judge can hide behind.) SGO is headed by Lord Malloch Brown, who has spent much of his life as Soros errand boy. Two of SGO’s directors are the same guys who ran Smartmatic, and also the Lord and Sir Nigel Knowles. Some 83% of SGO is owned by the Mugica and Pinate families, the Venezuelan co-founders of Smartmatic. Malloch Brown appears to be their minder.

In keeping with its practice of going bankrupt just before elections in which it plays a major role, Spanish voting machine firm Scytl went bankrupt in October 2020 and was bought by the obscure Paragon Group Ltd. of London. Scytl was was bankrupt when it was operating the US national elections.

At the present time, Malloch Brown is on the board of the Open Society Foundations. [] The chairman of Dominion, Adm. ret. Neffenger (sp?) is now a member of Biden’s national security transition team. Dominion worked with the Clinton Foundations’s Clinton Global Initiative in the Delian Project to stage elections in South Africa and elsewhere (Barbados, Dominica, Guyana, Jamaica) in 2014-2017.

In light of all this, I don’t think Obama really won any honest elections. I want a recount.