Played Like a Cheap Banjo: Baghdad Suicide Bombings and a Note on Sleper Cells

So there was a double suicide bombing in Baghdad that killed 32 and wounded at least 100 in a major shopping area. A high ranking Iraqi general immediately said it was an Islamic State sleeper cell and that they were signalling a resurgence. There were immediate calls for more American troops, reversing Trump’s withdrawal. Would it be too cynical to suggest that the Iraqi military staged the suicide bombing in order to have Biden send American troops and tens of billions of dollars back in to fight the continuing Jihadist insurgency for them, and for free?

Did I just read correctly that American troops were sent back i to Syria on Biden’s first day? I guess we get four more years of pointless wars now that the Great Peace President is gone.

Note on Sleeper Cells: Sleeper Cells are a tricky business, whether they exist or not. Often not. But when they do, in a complex terrorism-counterrorism environment it is very easy for the sleeper cells’ initial chain of command to be disrupted. In fact, it is easy to imagine that counterterrorist forces may have a lot of sleeper cells on hold: That is, counterrorist forces have the ablity to activate the sleeper cells, rather than the terrorists who established them in the first place. There are not that many reports of attacks made by activated sleeper cells (odd that Iraqi general immediately knew it was a sleeper cell attack), but when they happen, a reasonable question is who pulled the trigger.