Decoupling Covid Case Numbers and Hospitalizations in Washington State

Washington State is one of the most extreme states in terms of its institutionalized coronavirus hysteria. The endless contradictory, ever tightening decrees of Gov. Inslee. Inslee burst onto the national stage with fully 0% (zero) of voters in the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries. With every Washington state elected official a Democrat, Inslee can do anything he wants. And does.

His fake science has been driven by the most worthless of all statistical indicators: Case numbers.

Case numbers are the number of people testing positive, without regard to whether they are asymptomatic (as most are) or whether they need to be hospitalized with severe symptoms. It is hard to be sure but it appears that 80% or more of coronavirus hospitalizations are hysterical, and are quickly released. Since there are vast numbers of asymptomatic corona cases, what used to be called Healthy People, it is easy to crank the numbers up by doing more testing.

Now the first Washington State official has broken ranks.

On January 4, the Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction noted that there is a “decoupling” between cases and hospitalizations: because…. Omicron is very mild.

No other state official has ever deviated from the focus on case numbers. The Superintendent has, you see, become worried that the schools are losing students. No responsible parent should have their children in a Washington state school. The reason for this deviation, or decoupling, is the falling number of school kids in public schools, which have been discredited again and again, for parents who have cared to notice, with everything from forced gender politics, school libraries full of gay pornography, distribution of condoms to children, racial discrimination against White kids, toleration of gang violence, mandatory Critical Race Theory, and the continuing slide of educational standards. Some teachers are Black Lives Matter activists and they recruit and use the students in Black Lives Matter protest in the schools and abroad in the community.

The schools have even, so far, rejected mandatory vaccination for all students, although they demand vaccinations for sports and other activities (ignoring the surge in reports of teenage myocarditis).

Of course, this momentary spasm of truth was quickly smothered, as Gov. Inslee uses case numbers to fuel a new round of corona hysteria: video;

Mass testing will generate higher numbers as Helathy People are terroried into believing they have a deadly illness, when they have a kind of flu so mild, so very mild, that they are not even aware of it.