Indigenous Peoples: Some Are Erased and Others Exalted

The United Nations has ruled:
England has no indigenous people.
France has no indigenous people.
Germany  has no indigenous people.

Russia has only non-Russian indigenous peoples.
The Garifuna are a Black ethnicity of Honduras (with colonies in Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua and the United States), that is, everywhere they are settler colonialists, and yet they are recognized as an indigenous people in Honduras and everywhere by the United Nations. They first settled in Honduras in 1796, long after the New World was colonized by Europeans, none of whom count as indigenous. In fact, in Honduras they are the least indigenous people: everyone else was there before them.
For decades they have been moving into the United States seeking, as they note, prosperity. Here, they are indigenous, but no European-Americans are indigenous.
Now they are coming in large numbers to the United States as real estate development displaces their subsistence, illiterate, impoverished villages. In the United States they demand protections for being indigenous people (similar to Elizabeth Warren), as they seek to displace Americans, who are not now and never can be indigenous.

Garifuna-African settler colonialists demand privileges and special rights claiming to be indigenous and after being displaced by powerful corporations, as they displace us.
In These Times (left extreist tabloid):